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The Lucky Longneck Llama 4-H Club meets in Corvallis, Oregon and the club competes at the Benton County Fair.  Most of our members live in Benton County, but we also have members from Linn County. The club focuses on learning about llama care and health, how to show our animal to the judge (showmanship) and training our animals for performance classes (see the description below).  The 2005 Benton County Fair llama show (August 2nd) will include showmanship, obstacle, public relations, and pack classes.  For more information about the club, please e-mail Julie at

The 4-H Llama Show at the 2005 Benton County Fair took place in early August and the 4-H members did an impressive job with their animals - WAY TO GO 4-Hers!  We will be putting some pictures here in the next few weeks, but in the short term we want to give a BIG THANK YOU!!! to our parent volunteers who helped with odd jobs/errands (and food!) before the fair and then during the day of the show put in more than an 8-hour day to keep things running.  Thanks also to Debra Slocum who drove over from Sisters to judge our show - we appreciate your dedication during a long "afternoon."   We also want to recognize our GENEROUS SPONSORS for the Lucky Longneck Llama 4-H Club this year.  In no particular order, our 2005 Sponsors are:

  • Denson's Feed and Seed, Corvallis OR
  • East Gate Veterinary Clinic and Dr. Pat Long
  • Phelan Storage and Transport
  • Heresco Chiropractic Clinic and Dr. Frank Heresco
  • Quality Llama Products
  • Dell Computer, and
  • Koenig's Wool-N-Fir Farm

Performance Classes.  There are three performance classes that are part of most llama shows: obstacle, pack, and public relations.  In obstacle the llama and handler must negotiate obstacles such as jumps, ducking under poles, and weaving between markers.  In the pack class the llama and handler negotiate obstacles that they might encounter on a pack trip and the llama is wearing pack bags (shown in the picture to the right).  Typically obstacles include a bridge (see picture to the right), water, a dead-fall (jumble of branches).  In the public relations class the obstacle are to simulate things that a llama would encounter in a public setting; bicycles, balloons, baby carriages, steps, and ramps.


Club Service

2005 MS Walk for a Cure. This year the Koenigs and some club members groomed five animals then walked in the Multiple Sclerosis Walk on April 16th in Salem, Oregon.  The walk went very smoothly, and five llamas on the sidewalks of downtown Salem caused many drivers to do take a second look!  Fortunately, in spite of all the "rubber-necking," there were no accidents!  After the walk we hung out in Riverfront park and visited with other participants.  Here are some pictures of the event.

Pet Day.  The Koenigs had help from the club in preparing and sharing their animals with the public at the OSU Veterinary Medicine Pet Day.  Members of the club groomed some of the eight animals that went to Pet Day and helped the public pet some of our friends.  Here are some pictures from Pet Day.

For more information about the Club or Club activities, please call Julie at 541-752-5434 (Pacific time zone) or e-mail Hal at

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