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Yes, as you may have guessed, the picture to the right was taken in our house, specifically the kitchen.  Earlier in the day, Gold Glitter's grooming was finished, she had a bath* and then grazed in the yard while her fleece air dried (this preserves the lock structure of the fiber which is important when the fleece is judged).  By the time that Glitter was dry, it was getting dark and our evening breeze had kicked up.  Of course, we brought her inside to be sheared - the fiber doesn't blow away in the breeze and the kitchen has better lights than the barn!

* - the details of Julie's bathing process were shared with the Willamette Valley Llama Association (WVLA) in an issue of the 2002 WVLA Newsletter.  Here is the bathing article in a Word document.


As you might tell from the description above, we take our fiber very seriously and are very proud of what we are producing.

Call us for available colors and fiber quality of the raw fleeces.  We both hand spin our fiber, so we strive for the best quality fiber that is devoid of dirt, vegetation, etc.!


We have had some of our fleeces turned into roving (carded and ready to spin).   Call for availability of quality and color in our roving.


Glide & Glow  Grooming Spray 

Developed by Julie, this grooming spray has been used by our farm and also many top breeders from coast to coast.  Whether you compete in multiple shows with multiple animals each year or just want to make the grooming process on a single animal be less stressful for both of you - this product can help.

How to use Glide & Glow.

  • When we are doing "touch-grooming" (a few minutes to get small amounts of hay, etc. off the animal, we spray the part of the animal we want to groom lightly with Glide & Glow and begin to brush the area.  The brush glides through the wool more easily and the grooming process is quicker.
  • When we want to "deep groom" an area - for example, the unsheared areas of the animal like the shoulders, neck or "feed box" where the neck attaches to the back.  In these areas we will part the wool in multiple places and spray in a liberal amount of Glide & Glow.  Let the area dry and then begin the grooming process with your blower.  Go back and forth with the blower to part the wool and you will find many of the small pieces of hay and other vegetation get blown out of the wool.  When you begin to brush again, lightly spray in more Glide & Glow and continue to brush to get out all the debris.

When we are doing deep grooming, we sometimes have the blower in one hand to part the wool and the Glide & Glow sprayer in the other hand - this does require some coordination!  We were taught an easier way by Bitter Creek Llamas - they used a pump up sprayer (larger than one gallon capacity) and have cut a small slit in the rubber nozzle of their circuiteer.  They put the sprayer nozzle into the small slit in the circuiteer nozzle, turn on the blower, aim it at the llama and squeeze the trigger on the pump sprayer.  With this method they can apply up to a gallon of Glide & Glow to the entire llama in under two minutes! The llama is left in a clean area to air dry and then blown and brushed to finish the process.  They told us that they give the animal a water bath at the beginning of the show season and then do "Glide & Glow baths" for the rest of the year!  Thanks to Dick and Kim Murphy for sharing a great way to apply our product!

For more information about Glide & Glow grooming spray, call Julie at 541-752-5434 (Pacific time zone) or e-mail Hal at


Spotlight Shampoo!!

We have been asked more than once, "how do you get your white animals THAT white?!" - the answer is Spotlight Shampoo.  We now have limited quantities of Spotlight available.  For more information about Spotlight please call or e-mail.

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