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The dates of the 2013 Flock & Fiber Festival Llama Show are the 28th and 29th of September.

SCHEDULE for 2013 Show - Fiber and performance classes will be on Saturday and halter classes will be on Sunday.

Our llama show is bringing in two great judges for the weekend. On Saturday, Maryan Baker from Riverside, CA, will evaluate shorn fleeces and entries in the fleece-on classes. There will also be an area for you to offer llama fleeces for sale to the public.

Also on Saturday, performance classes will be judged by Vanessa Benagh from Rushville, IN.

On Sunday, Maryan and Vanessa will team up and both judge halter classes for a double halter show.

The show packet in Word format is here to download and if it comes through with funny formatting, try this PDF version.

You MAY be able to REGISTER ONLINE for the show - but the ILR website has been OFFF LINE. When the ILR website is up, this link will get you to the ILR Calendar of Events, scroll down to the 28th and 29th of September to find the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival and click on the "Register for this Event" button. If you have questions, please contact Hal.

TO GET ENTRIES TO HAL ON TIME, please follow these directions (posted 17 Sept, 11pm).

If you have tried to access the ILR website to register for the show since some time this past weekend (9/14-15) you found that the website will not load. Apparently, the company that hosts the ILR website has experienced multiple hard drive crashes and the site may not be up until sometime this weekend, maybe...

Assuming worst case, that is, the website is down for a week or more, I need to know who is coming and what llamas they are bringing for which classes. So you have two options for getting me the information, 1) you "go old school" and send me filled out paper forms, or 2) you e-mail me the information. I need USPS mail postmarked by this Friday the 20th or e-mails before 11:59pm on 9/20.

If you send me paper forms, be sure to send page 9 (Registration Summary Form), page 10 (Animal Entry Form) if you are entering llama performance or halter classes, and/or page 11 (Fleece Entry Form) if you are entering llamas in fleece-on classes or shorn fleeces for judging or sale. My mailing address is on page 10 and 11 (in the fine print) or on the final page of the packet. If you e-mail me, please be sure to include the information that applies to your entries on page 9, page 10 and/or page 11 (especially the ILR owner code). Please e-mail me at hal.koenig@KoenigLlamas.com

If you have entered your entries for the show online (before the crash), I can't access the website to get those entries. Sorry to tell you that I will need paper copies or an e-mail with your entries. Thank you for your interest in the show and I'm sorry that this has become such a trial.

  • ILR forms for entering shorn fleeces to be judged. These are required for shorn fleece entries.
  • Information about shorn fleece and coat-on/fleece-on fiber types including the "do's" and "dont's" of fiber preparation for ILR judging.
  • As always, my thanks to Brandy Chastain, the Festival Organizer, and the OFFF Board for their support of our show and the Best of Show Diamond Award - you all are great to work with and thanks for including the llamas!


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