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One of the challenges with breeding llamas is the many uses and styles of llamas. Falling in love with this llama because of his color, and another for their sweet nature and love of "kisses," and a third for her maternal traits may be fine if all your animals are pets, but this is not likely to produce offspring that match your vision of the "ideal" animal.

Julie's animal science background, her understanding of lama genetics and inheritance, and knowledge of the llama market make her uniquely qualified to help you select the breeding animals to produce your ideal animal.


The One Day Workshop: "Genetics-From Buying to Breeding"

Maximize the progress in your herd with a scientifically planned breeding program! This workshop is designed for llama and alpaca breeders who want to get the most out of their herds. By the end of the workshop you will understand the basic genetics at work in your herd, and be able to apply this knowledge to your breeding practices to maximize the desirability of the offspring produced. The workshop, which includes a 28 page hand out for your reference, is presented in the form of an easily understood, entertaining, slide show and Dr. Koenig encourages audience participation and interaction throughout. Although some genetic theories and principles are presented, the emphasis is on the take-home application of these principles in your herd. Those who think that genetics is useless, boring, or too difficult to comprehend, have not attended one of Julie's genetics presentations! There is something for the newest enthusiast to the most experienced, and those who hear the workshop should be a step ahead of breeders who do not attend. Be sure you are "breeding," and not just doing matings!

Talks at Conferences

Puma Proof Breeding: Man-Made Selection versus Mother Nature

The Inheritance of Fleece Color in Camelids

Breeding for Fiber Production

Private Consultations

Julie is available for private consultations on a limited basis.  Consultations are most effective when the lama owner or prospective owner has attended Julie's workshop.  After attending the workshop, you have the jargon and an understanding of how the breeding objectives should mesh with the rest of the elements of scientific selection of animals.

Julie's Background: Dr. Julie Koenig earned her masters and Ph.D. in Animal Science Breeding and Genetics, with a minor in Reproductive Physiology. Dr. Koenig has participated in camelid research with Dr. Brad Smith at Oregon State University and has been called on to teach the handling and genetics portions of the Camelid Medicine course to OSU veterinary students. Julie and her family own 45 breeding-stock llamas that have earned conformation, fiber and performance awards. She has been involved with the lama industries since 1983.

Julie has published multiple articles in Llamas and Llama Banner, has spoken at several ILA and LANA conferences, for the Australian Alpaca Association, and is currently doing private breeding and genetics consultations and workshops for camelid breeders all over North America.

A PDF formatted consulting brochure that provides more details is available.  If you have trouble with downloading it, please contact Julie at 541-752-5434 (Pacific time zone) or Hal at

If you need the Adobe Reader to open the .pdf file, get it here.


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